Storyboard Artist, Writer & Director, Dylan Coburn started in 1995 drawing Disney TV animation.  He went on to found Karactaz Animation in 2002, where he built and led teams of animators

and technicians.  The studio produced over 500 commercials and progressed to long-form projects from Disney, Marvel Animation, Warner Bros, DC Comics, MTV and many others until 2015.  Since then, he’s devised sequences and drawn storyboards with some of the best Directors and Cinematographers in the business


Recently, in addition to Supervising Storyboards through pre-production & shooting, Dylan served as Visual Effects Art Director through post-production on the first season of Amazon's "Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”. He was tasked with creating original designs for VFX, drawing digital doubles into shot plates as guides for vendors, creating detailed artwork over full resolution plates to use directly when creating the digital effects, and rendering animated storyboards — quickly enabling Show-runners and Producers to see detailed VFX concepts cut directly into the working edit.


For his own original films, he’s been awarded multiple times, and his latest short film

“Fear Incarnate” releases in film festivals in 2022.

His latest work in publishing is his very own book for preschoolers, BOINGO & THE GOLDEN BALLOON releasing in 2022.