My humble thanks to my collaborating professionals for providing their amazing insights.  I'm hugely privileged to work alongside 

such world-class talent.

Robert Richardson, ASC
Cinematographer: "A Private War" & "Adrift"

Dylan is an extraordinary Storyboard Artist. His skills and his mind are a pleasure to work with. He always met the task with great enthusiasm but more importantly with genuine inspiration.

Susanna Fogel
Director: "The Wilds" & "Amazing Stories"

I absolutely loved working with Dylan - he's incredibly hardworking and passionate, an accomplished storyteller in his own right. And best of all, he's a genuinely nice person who's a pleasure to spend time in the trenches with, whether you're prepping in person or halfway around the world from one another (we did both!)

Jon Turteltaub
Director: "The Meg"

Dylan made it possible for me to actually SEE what I needed to shoot.  I couldn't wrap my head around many of the CG visuals until Dylan helped me to actually understand the geography and the action that I wanted to film.

Roseanne Liang
Director: "Shadow in the Cloud"

I loved working with Dylan and feel he is an asset to any production lucky enough to have him on board. He was collaborative, dedicated and most of all,

very skilled in the art of storytelling. I recommend him 100% and hope to work with him again.